A drone’s view of the NYPA private LTE field trial


Private LTE field trial that was completed December 2020. NYPA’s digital vision, trial objectives, trial solution configuration, test criteria and test results will be discussed. Overall system performance and for 3 use cases: drones, digital utility worker and VoLTE will be highlighted along with lessons learned.

A panel comprised of members of NYPA, NYSTEC, along with trial spectrum and equipment partners will discuss answers to audience questions.

Learn about this important building block to realize NYPA’s vision to become a fully digital utility.

Topics covered

  • Drone Use Case
  • Digital Utility Worker Use Case
  • VoLTE Use Case


Ali Mohammed, director digital transformation office, NYPA
Michael Bolduc, principal consultant, NYSTEC.


Ed Moise, controlling member, Omega Wireless.
Ryan Gerbrandt, CEO at Anterix
Stephan Litjens, head of enterprise solutions, Nokia Cloud & Network Services