ADD GRUP receives PRIME certificate for single-phase meters AD11A series


ADD GRUP has confirmed their status as one of the leading manufacturers of smart meters, having received a PRIME certificate for single-phase meters in the AD11A series. The certificate was issued by the Spanish laboratory TECNALIA.

Single-phase meters AD11A series are a line of intelligent devices for measuring active and reactive energy used on the residential market.

The meters are designed taking into account the universal platform based on OFDM technology with support for PRIME 1.3.6, PRIME 1.4, G3-PLC with a frequency CENELEC A-band and FCC-band. The use of the PLC PRIME solution ensures compatibility of meters with measuring equipment of other manufacturers and provides high-speed information exchange. Replacement of the used OFDM technology can be performed through firmware updates locally or remotely, without the additional cost of new equipment.

The meters optionally support 2G / 3G / 4G, USB, RF, RS-485 communication channels and provide full smart metering functionality.

Certified meters of AD11A series will be used in ADD GRUP projects around the world, including EU countries, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.