ADDAX successfully passes ENCS security tests


Technology and information have totally converted the power and utilities sector, granting enterprises a chance to operate with the data in order to enhance and augment services, and have a better contact with their customers. Smart meters have played an important role in this progress for utilities and as the communication procedure has to be protected, the system that is used to keep the received data from the consumers has to be well thought out and guarded as well as the whole process of collecting it.

ADD GRUP always took care of the security system both inside the company and in all its inventions. For many years we try to combine the clarity and truthfulness of our actions in terms of development and innovation with the fullest total security for those who trust us to access their information and calculations.

Our metering system has undergone multiple tests and certifications which give us an opportunity to try harder and over-the-top professional every single time we come up with an idea. We make sure our clients are satisfied with our product and enhance growth and development all of the performed tests inspire us to reach new goals.

Thus in June 2017, in Hague, EVN Bulgaria submitted ADDAX smart meters and data concentrators to ENCS for security tests.

All the performed tests portray the deviations and severity that can be found purposefully to see the issue if it’s the case and address it at the right time. It’s vitally important to estimate an impact that the vulnerability has on the system and to estimate the damage it can cause if the attackers decide to take advantage of it.

The performed tests showed that ADDAX solution has sufficient memory and computation power reserves to produce all the necessary updates of security functionality. It’s absolutely impossible to perform any unauthorized software/firmware maneuvers on ADDAX data concentrators and smart meters.

The equipment only accepts original firmware requests and automatically rejects the questionable transactions originating from invalid signature.

Passing of the tests enabled EVN Bulgaria to proceed forward with roll-out with full assurance that no intrusion into the smart metering system is possible.

As our smart grid solutions take part in various tenders worldwide we know that the problem of privacy and security has been raised on the international level. The EU government demands that the utility industry, vendor or standardization committee proves to which security standard they adhere and stick to the documentation they provide. The process of data collection is secretive event which cannot be retrieved or read by unauthorized parties. This is a key factor of making sure that the sender and the recipient of information are really the Parties entitled to data collection. The ENCS tests have proved that we meet all of the requirements and withstand the imposed pressure in connection with the responsibility which involves the introduction of smart meters in the house of every single individual.

ADD Grup is excited to share this wonderful news of passing the Security tests which give our company the confidence to create newer better solutions which will help Utilities to get 100% accurate data on electricity consumption and our end consumers the belief in a transparent guaranteed process of data collection as privacy and personal security protections are essential to customers’ trust and acceptance of smart meters in their premises.

To view the full press release, please click on the following link: ADDAX Successfully Passes ENCS Security Tests

*Information provided by ADD Grup