efluid SAS and CGI support Enedis’ implementation of its new core information system


efluid SAS (UEM group) and CGI, a leader in end-to-end IT and consulting services, support Enedis, a European leader in electricity distribution, in the implementation of its new customer management and billing system, as part of the deployment in France of Linky smart meters. The efluid solution enables Enedis to manage today more than 20 million customers equipped with Linky meters on a daily basis. Over the long term, Enedis will manage 40 million customers through efluid’s solution by the end of 2020.

To support the deployment of Linky smart meters, Enedis wanted to replace and modernise its existing customer relationship and billing information systems. For this ambitious project, Enedis selected efluid SAS, editor of the efluid solution dedicated to the utilities sector.

This expert software solution, co-developed by efluid SAS and CGI, covers all the needs of the electricity, gas and water companies: from contract taking to recovery and billing, efluid offers a 360-degree view of the customer. More than 50 companies have chosen this solution, which manages more than 25 million customers in production.

The efluid solution represents, for Enedis, an innovation in terms of optimization and automation of its information system. It also offers a great capacity for configuring routing offers in view of the possibilities offered by the new Linky technology as well as an extended service offering for suppliers.

The installation of the Linky meters is a strategic industrial project that involves the installation of nearly 30,000 meters per day,” says Jean-Claude Laroche, director of information systems of Enedis“The efluid solution is a real innovation that allows us to automate our information system and enrich our service offer of today and tomorrow.”

“To meet the new needs of our customers in the modernisation of their information systems, particularly in the context of the deployment of smart meters, we have chosen, with CGI, to combine our know-how to offer an integrated and innovative solution. that meets the needs of businesses,” said Francis Grosmangin, president  of efluid SAS

We are very proud to support Enedis in the implementation of this strategic solution, unprecedented in Europe. Our integration know-how and our partnership with efluid SAS have been key elements in the success of this project,” said  Denis Marchesnay, Vice President, Consulting Services, CGI.