Energy infrastructure a priority for new US-Australia strategic partnership


The US and Australia will launch the United States-Australia Strategic Partnership on Energy in the Indo-Pacific region to promote energy infrastructure, low emissions technologies, and global gas markets.

US President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, will launch the partnership to align with the goals of Australia’s Foreign Policy White Paper and the US National Security Strategy.

The two policies aim to promote regional infrastructure and energy cooperation, develop open and competitive energy markets and improve rules and standards in the Indo-Pacific.

The partnership will include the following core principles:

  • Open and competitive energy markets are indispensable to ensuring secure energy supply.
  • Universal access to affordable and reliable energy from a variety of sources is needed to help eradicate poverty, fuel sustainable economic growth, and increase global security.

The two countries will in 2018 and 2019 prioritise:

  • Energy infrastructure development in the Indo-Pacific, including a focus on the developing world, that promotes regional integration; adheres to principles of good governance, respect for the interests of all stakeholders, and transparency in bidding and financing; and expands access to the global energy market.
  • Deployment of low emissions technologies which support the secure, reliable, affordable and sustainable supply of energy in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Strengthening the development of open and rules-based global markets for natural gas.

The United States-Australia will focus on three core regions namely; Southeast Asia, South Asia and Southwest Pacific.


Visit the US Embassy & Consulates in Australia site for more detail on the partnership.


Image credit: Eurasia Diary