Maddalena wins a tender in france to supply radio water meters  


The water meter manufacturer Maddalena S.p.A. signed an important contract with the third largest French water utility for the supply of volumetric water meters equipped with on board radio communication system. The installation started at the end of last year and will be completed in 2017 under a massive meter replacement project. These smart end points will be connected to the utility’s fixed radio network system with bidirectional capabilities and will improve billing, water monitoring, efficiency and reduce water loss.

Maddalena was selected for its top-range volumetric water meter and new ARROWwan 169 MHz compact radio module. ARROWwan supports the standard wireless M-Bus protocol (EN 13757) and is the first radio water meter compliant with the French Afnor E17Z requirements for gas and water meters.

The french utility selected a standard protocol like the wireless M-Bus, and the 169 MHz frequency in order to increase the transmission distance from the end points to the collecting base stations. The result is a considerable cost reduction for the reading infrastructure if compared to traditional 868 MHz solutions.

Maddalena ARROWwan: flexible water utility end points

ARROWwan is the latest device developed by Maddalena, which turns a high performance R800 volumetric  water meter into a flexible smart end point for fixed AMR wide area networks and the IoT. ARROWWAN supports both the traditional wireless M-Bus protocol and the new LPWAN protocols for the IoT

While most of the main meter manufacturers increasingly focus on networks, back end platforms and service, Maddalena continues to focus its attention on meters and their communication flexibility, according to the most updated paradigms and the new LPWAN solutions, which are quickly coming and promising to change things on the market.

In 2016 ARROWwan was awarded as the best innovation at the Italian exhibition ACCADUEO – H2O and was also selected as one of the top 20 innovations presented at Salon Pollutec Lyon, the French international exhibition (innovation showcase event).

Maddalena S.p.A.

As a historical Italian manufacturer and global player in the water and heat metering field, Maddalena offers a wide range of meters and solutions for smart communication in order to meet the needs of both public utilities and sub-metering. This is the result of Maddalena’s long experience in the field as well as its commitment to continuous innovation and search for new technological solutions.