An Internet of Things partnership bringing real value to residential consumers


REstore, the European market leader in demand response (DR), and Itho Daalderop, the leading Dutch manufacturer of domestic climate systems, announce today that they are partnering to integrate the first commercial demand response program in the Residential market.

REstore confirms that the deal with Itho Daalderop is the first partnership where household appliances will be connected to REstore’s FlexPond platform on a large scale through an Internet of Things (IoT) network. REstore’s rapid growth to 1500MW of peak flexible power under management was driven by large Commercial & Industrial Consumers, but this initiative marks a shift to providing demand response benefits to Residential Consumers. Building upon its leadership position in demand response markets across the UK, France, Germany and the Benelux and leveraging its patented FlexPond platform, REstore is uniquely positioned to be at the frontier of the Internet of Things.

“The nascent IoT revolution results in affordable and scalable connectivity of household appliances, including electric boilers. This enables connected Residential Consumers to gain access to significant monetary benefits from demand response, without impact on their user experience”, says REstore’s co-CEO and co-founder Jan-Willem Rombouts.

REstore’s mission is to lower CO2 emissions through the smart power control of machines and appliances so that they consume power when it is available on the grid, for example in periods of abundant sun and wind, and consume less when it is not available. REstore’s FlexPond™ platform differentiates in that it offers grid operators the cleanest, cheapest and fastest solution to manage the stability of their power grid while ensuring that there is no impact on the end-user experience by the shifting of power consumption.

“The deal with Itho Daalderop represents REstore’s first partnership within B2C but there are more to come. REstore’s FlexPond platform will be the ‘Rosetta stone’ unlocking the sleeping potential of Residential Demand Response. This approach is fully applicable to partners in other sectors, such as storage, e-mobility, solar and heat pumps, whom we invite to join us in this exciting new opportunity,” says REstore’s business lead of IoT projects, Erwin Van Laethem (former CIO at RWE & former CEO at Essent in The Netherlands).

Itho Daalderop is also very proud to lead a first Commercial, Residential IoT program with REstore. “We envision that in a world of connected electric boilers households will benefit from lower energy costs and more transparency. In rolling out this first Internet-of-Things product on a large scale in 2017, Itho Daalderop takes a sector leadership position”, says Dick Oort, Innovation Manager Connectivity at Itho Daalderop in The Netherlands.

Want to learn more about residential DR? REstore’s lead lead IoT projects Erwin Van Laethem will speak at the Summit on the 16th of November (How to design a retail market in flux). REstore’s booth is located at 3G101..

About Itho Daalderop:
Itho Daalderop is a leading Dutch manufacturer and developer of domestic climate systems such as whole house ventilation systems (with and without heat recovery), condensing boilers, hot water tanks, boiling water taps, solar thermal systems/panels and heat pumps (water to air and water to water). The company’s vision is to support sustainability by creating an affordable, optimal indoor climate. The company has grown over the years to be the biggest player in the Benelux market in this sector. Their products are renowned for being whole house systems that support energy neutral living.

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About REstore:
REstore is a leading edge energy technology company specialised in advanced automated demand response. The company supplies demand response programs to commercial & industrial consumers and delivers cloud-based demand side management software to power utilities.

The company is the European market leader in the fast-growing dynamic frequency control market and operates in all ancillary services and capacity markets in Europe. The company’s proprietary platform, FlexPond™, is used by more than 125 of Europe’s largest industrial energy consumers, including five of Europe’s top 50 largest utilities and grid operators. REstore was founded by Jan-Willem Rombouts and Pieter-Jan Mermans in 2010.

REstore recently received a number of international awards such as the Platts Global Energy Awards, the Global Cleantech 100 and Frost & Sullivan Demand Response Leadership Award.

REstore was awarded the ISO 27001 certificate for Information Security at the start of 2016, demonstrating sector leadership in IT security.

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