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METERS AND MORE, the global, non-profit, Association that maintains and promotes the most widely deployed communication protocol for smart metering, today announced that Meters and More representatives will be speaking at the upcoming European Utility Week (EUW 2017), taking place 3-5 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Meters and More smart metering information and telecommunication protocol has been extensively rolled out in Europe where more than 44 million Meters and More smart meters have already been installed. The success of these implementations brings many advantages for customers through the new smart meters that use the Meters and More technology.

To understand the benefits of this technology for electricity consumers across Europe, Meters and More invites interested parties to visit them at their exhibition booth and talk to one of the experts in order to fully appreciate the Meters and More smart metering information and telecommunication protocol.

In addition, the Chairman of Meters and More, Michele Salaris will be speaking about the Meters and More vision to enable new models in the energy market. Salaris’ presentation will focus on current trends of making consumption data available to customers, driven by national and European recommendations and legislation and the evolution of that trend; and how the Meters and More technology is evolving to deliver open, interoperable and standardised interfaces to make the above a reality.

Event Details:


Time: 10:00 – 10:20

Where:  Summit session: Retail – Fight for survival: The evolution game

Presentation name:  Meters and More vision to enable new models in energy market

Meters and More members Leonardo Cavalieri and Alesandro Bertani will additionally share their insights in ‘The customer behind the meter’ hub sessions on Wednesday 4th October.

Hub Session details:


Time: 14:00-17:30

Where: Hub session 31: The customer behind the meter

Presenters: Leonardo Cavalieri (MAC) and Alessandro Bertani (Cesi)

For more information on Meters and More participation in EUW 2017, please click here. For information on Meters and More technology, please visit:

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