New ultrasonic smart gas meter ready for the UK market


Smart metering solutions firm FLONIDAN has released its first-ever ultrasonic SMETS2 gas meter.

With no wear and tear, compact design and ultraprecise measurement, the new ultrasonic gas meter, SciFlo, promises a one-size-fits-all solution for UK energy suppliers.

The Danish-based smart meter firm has built a name around delivering state-of-the-art diaphragm gas meters for mass deployment. Now an ultrasonic gas meter is added to the programme.

SciFlo is the result of years of scientific research and fine-tuning of the ultrasonic measuring principle and is the first-ever ultrasonic gas meter from FLONIDAN.

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Tomas Skjaerris, head of PM, said: “We have gathered all our learnings from delivering millions of gas meters to mass deployment in recent years and used them to design a long-life, high-performance meter, which meets the majority of requirements in an all-in-one meter.”

No wear and tear

Unlike mechanical meters, SciFlo is a static meter with no moving parts. Volume is detected and measured via ultrasonic signals. This principle not only demonstrates high accuracy but is also unaffected by the natural wear and tear a meter is exposed to during long service life. As a result, SciFlo has a lifetime of up to 20 years with pinpoint accuracy and an absolute minimum of maintenance.

Noiseless operation

While UK consumers are reportedly more positive towards the benefits of having a smart meter installed in their homes, the ticking sound of a gas meter in operation can alter the opinion and cause frustration. With no moving parts SciFlo is designed for noiseless operation, putting noise complaints to a stop, and allowing installation even in living spaces.     

Indoor as well as outdoor

With an IP67 protection classification, SciFlo is equally suitable for outdoor installation in semi-concealed meter boxes. Due to its compact design, SciFlo will fit even in the most confined spaces and allow installers to always bring only one meter, regardless of the installation requirements.
In semi-concealed boxes SciFlo allows a 45° angle with easy access to the Man-Machine interface (MMI).

In addition, the small and compact design enables twice the number of meters in a van and only half the space for storage as traditional meters.

Single band as well as dual-band setup
SciFlo is a SMETS2 gas meter and comes both in a single band and dual-band version. Each version includes auto-pairing; the dual-band version also offers network assist, helping to achieve a greater success rate for installation and upgrades.

“With millions of installations still to come, UK dual fuel engineers rely on simple and speedy installation and commissioning processes, says Tomas Skjaerris. With SciFlo® we have kicked antenna performance to the next level, enabling HAN-connection even in the most challenged installation scenarios.”          

SciFlo® is fully approved and certified and available through FLONIDAN partner Aclara already now.  


FLONIDAN develops, manufactures, and sells innovative gas metering solutions.  Our solutions are employed by professionals in public and private energy companies to ensure accurate metering and billing. We offer a complete range of smart gas diaphragm meters plus a new ultrasonic gas meter, SciFlo, which excels both in range and size. In past years FLONIDAN has experienced strong and rapid growth, following the European roll-out of smart meters and enabled through strategic partnerships. FLONIDAN is owned by AVK Group, a Danish-based industrial group comprising 100+ companies and 3.800 employees.