Oracle Utilities achieves $2bn in energy cost savings


Oracle Utilities has announced that its Opower Energy Efficiency programmes have generated a total of $2 billion in utility bill savings for customers over the past decade, along with making great strides in customer engagement.

In a company statement, the firm highlighted that the Opower Energy Efficiency programmes, launched in 2008, have been implemented at more than 100 electric and gas utilities around the globe, motivating customers to save more than 17 TWh of energy through multi-channel, personalized communications.

These energy savings could cool 8.5 million homes, light over 17 million homes or power 1.2 million homes for a year.

This milestone is a shared accomplishment among many utilities, some of whom have run these programmes for the better part of the decade. One partner, National Grid, has played an integral role, contributing more than 1 TWh of electricity savings and 45 million therms of gas savings.

Implementing energy programmes

National Grid’s program started as a small implementation of Opower Home Energy Reports (HERs) in New York, and is today a multi-state engagement that touches 2.6 million customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In 2017 alone, National Grid customers received over 24 million personalised reports and 143,000 high bill alerts.

The states where National Grid operates – New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island – consistently rank in the top five states nationwide for energy efficiency.

Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Utilities, commented: “National Grid has leveraged a range of Opower solutions, including the Energy Efficiency program, to transform their relationship with customers and correspondingly improve their business overall.

“In a highly competitive market, customer satisfaction is paramount for success, and it all starts with personalised customer engagement. We applaud National Grid for their commitment to providing the best possible experience for their customers and are gratified by the integral role that they have played in our savings success story.”

Improving energy management

In addition to driving savings, National Grid’s HER reports have also improved customer sentiment. Findings from a recent telephone survey show that 81% of National Grid customers actively read the reports, report recipients score National Grid 7-10% higher across a variety of key customer sentiment metrics and recipients show higher familiarity with National Grid energy efficiency programs.

“National Grid deployed our first Opower Energy Efficiency programme back in 2009 to help customers better understand and manage their energy use,” said John Isberg, vice president of Customer Solutions, National Grid.

Isberg concluded: “Since then, we have seen significant energy savings and a positive impact on our customer sentiment as they look for greater control over their energy spend. This program is essential to our future success in navigating the rapidly changing energy landscape, especially as customer expectations continue to shift.”