energy poverty

New metric developed to end global energy poverty

A new standard has been developed by a non-profit global network of researchers Energy for Growth Hub to end energy poverty and apartheid.
smart meters

Emerging market countries will deploy 148 million smart meters over the...

Some 43.6 million smart meters were installed across emerging market countries (156.9 million if you include the massive market of China) at the end of 2020.
AES Corporation

AES Corporation commissions one of the world’s largest battery storage systems

AES Corporation has commenced operations of the Alamitos battery energy storage system, one of the world’s largest battery storage systems
Total energy storage

How battery storage and grid modernisation can accelerate the energy transition

A new report by Capgemini examines how battery storage and grid modernisation can help energy stakeholders accelerate the energy transition.
LORA alliance

LoRa Alliance announces roaming availability in 27 countries

The LoRa Alliance has announced that multiple network operators have deployed roaming-capable platforms, with full LoRaWAN roaming capabilities now available in 27 countries around the world, as well as via satellite.

Satellite images reveal vegetation condition alongside 574,000 miles of US overhead...

For the first time in history, vegetation encroachment risk to the entire publicly available US transmission grid has been analysed from space...

Networked Energy Services expands commitment to Latin America

Industry veterans recently joined NES to further expand its smart grid and smart metering customer base in LATAM.
Global Power & Energy Elites

Global Power & Energy Elites back with industry’s stand-out performers

“Every year we endeavour to highlight leaders and projects that challenge the status quo, are stand-out performers in their field and achieve incredible project milestones,”
wind power

Wind power to dominate energy generation sector post-COVID-19

Wind power will provide the backbone to the electricity sector’s transformation over the coming decade, according to a new report from Rethink Energy.
engineering and certification

New scheme launches to uplift professional recognition of engineering technicians

As part of its efforts to uplift professional recognition of engineering technicians and technologists, IES has unveiled the Chartered Engineering Technologist and Technician Certification Scheme

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