Rugged Computers for Utilities

Gas, water and electric utilities are using ultra-rugged tablets and PDAs to improve all aspects of their work, including inventory management, real-time asset monitoring, work orders, repair scheduling, safety audits and compliance reporting.

With their ruggedness, powerful processing, connectivity and communication capabilities, today’s rugged computers make utility fieldwork vastly more efficient, allowing utility technicians to perform tasks in the field that previously could only be completed in an office.

Handheld NAUTIZ X9 – The ultimate outdoor-rugged PDA

The Nautiz X9 rugged computer is a tough-as-nails Android PDA that can handle any environment a field worker might encounter.

Loaded with all the enterprise-level capabilities available, it delivers best-in-class field performance with a battery that works through even your longest shifts.

The feature-full rugged handheld comes with plenty of computing power, a scanner, camera, 4G/LTE phone and NFC, plus all the capabilities that come with the Google GMS license, such as access to Play Store and Google Maps.

The Nautiz X9 is designed for challenging outdoor and industrial environments. Its IP67 rating means it’s fully waterproof and completely sealed against dust, and it’s also tested against MIL-STD-810G standards for surviving drops, vibrations, humidity, extreme temperatures and altitudes.

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MaxGo Android Apps

To make Handheld’s lineup of ultra-rugged Android devices even easier to use, we’ve put together the MaxGo Android Apps.

They get you up and running fast, letting you apply customized mobile device staging and security configurations quickly, even across large-scale deployments.

The growing suite of MaxGo software apps for Android is designed to facilitate quick custom setups for a curated, secure experience across all your Handheld Android devices.

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