Swisscom Energy Solutions will take part in the European Utility Week


Swisscom Energy Solutions, the Swiss-based company which owns and develops the tiko platform, will showcase their tiko platform at the event. Tiko is a flexible and modular technology which already connects thousands of electrical customers and prosumers into a single network, in order to enable a wide range of utility-scale and behind-the-meter smart energy management solutions.  This industrial grade smart grid has been delivering ancillary services to the grid and to its users since 3 years. The smart grid connects all types of electrical heating systems, photovoltaic equipment, batteries, and charging stations, and its per second reaction-time enables a long list of services.

Utilities and suppliers all over Europe are working every day with this unique technology to align customer needs with their own, while at the same time creating additional value for all involved stakeholders e.g. through frequency response and DR/DER.

The product range includes products like tiko power, an energy management system helping customers take control over their heating systems and save energy while connecting them to the network, tiko sun, a PV-optimization system, tiko storage, designed for battery owners who can then be connected to the network, enabling distributors like sonnen to promise a zero-euro electricity bill. tiko cooling will optimize A/C systems, and tiko mobility will complete the range, proposing smart energy management systems to prosumers.