carbon emissions china

New concept to help Chinese cities achieve carbon peaking and neutrality...

RMI provides recommendations on how cities in China can achieve carbon emissions reduction goals set by the government.
energy transition

Flexibility to ensure a cost-effective energy transition in the UK

A new report states that investment in flexible energy can rapidly increase the share of renewables in the UK by 2030 at a lower cost to consumers.

Global perspectives on cyber threats shift after pandemic wake-up call

Information technology firm Wipro has released a new report presenting the changing perspectives of cybersecurity globally.
wi-fi iot connectivity

Wi-Fi and LoRa Alliances announce results of trials with 11 firms

Adding LoRaWAN to Wi-Fi using network mutualisation is a cost-effective way to deployment using the existing base of Wi-Fi access points.
covid-19 climate change

Six key ways Sub-Saharan Africa can address COVID-19 and climate change

A new report highlights six key ways governments in Sub-Saharan Africa can address the impacts of COVID-19 and climate change.

Dominion Energy ups ESG focus with sustainability and corporate responsibility report

Dominion Energy has released a report in which the company is committing to increase its focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance transparency.
energy emissions

COVID-19 saves 2.5 years of emissions, accelerates energy transition

The stark drop in energy demand due to COVID-19 will remove some 2.5 years’ worth of energy sector emissions between now and 2050 - BNEF.
green cities

How future cities can achieve environmental sustainability – study

New report shows how future urban landscapes can achieve environmental sustainability, social inclusion and economic competitiveness.
Europe climate

Europe must revisit state aid rules to meet climate ambitions

A new study by Catherine Banet for the think tank CERRE has found that Europe’s energy State aid guidelines no longer reflect market reality.
energy suppliers

Heightened risk of UK suppliers failing to meet renewable obligation

Some active energy suppliers may now be unable to meet their obligation, which could contribute to triggering mutualisation

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