Bringing intelligence to Europe’s grids – 5 case studies


Smart meters will be a central part of delivering a more efficient and reliable network. However, the real benefit comes from the smart grid that they enable. The ambitious targets for smart meter deployment across Europe are helping drive a revolution in the way we think about energy and the way we plan our investment in infrastructure. If successful, there is the potential for a truly smart network that enables a low carbon economy, giving security of supply in a way that is affordable for consumers.

Last year the European local energy distributor association GEODE published a report Bringing Intelligence to the Grids, setting out the route for Europe’s DSOs, along with some recommended actions for the EC and regulatory bodies for smart grid and smart meter deployment to become a reality.

GEODE is now making available the case studies that informed the thinking behind those earlier recommendations. These studies show the successes of integrated and successful smart meter rollout and the ways in which smart grids are beginning to support the sustainable, secure and affordable energy future.

The five case studies are:

  • The Nordic experience of smart meter rollout
  • The Italian experience of smart meter rollout
  • Britain’s Low Carbon Networks Fund
  • Telecommunications for smart grids
  • The new data exchange for customer switching in Austria.

Read the case studies HERE