Distribution Automation Equipment – World – 2012


Automation of utility distribution feeder lines and substations is central to achieving the promise of the emergent “smart grid.” Utility distribution networks have become more automated and sophisticated over the past several years, with relevant equipment experiencing substantial annual shipment growth even in economically weakened regions.

This report aims to cover all distribution automation hardware both along the feeder line and at the distribution substation level. Detailed analysis for 21 product types covering monitoring and control, power quality management, and switching hardware is included in this report. Technological trends, regional variations in market behavior, and competitive environment analysis are all provided in this study. The current status of existing distribution automation and future motivation for greater adoption of these technologies will be analyzed in full.

  • Will growing advanced metering (AMI) networks drive adoption of more sensors and other equipment on the distribution networks?
  • Will utilities continue to invest primarily in new intelligent reclosers, or will retrofit switch control modules be the predominant means to automating feeder line switchgear?
  • How much of the total distribution automation market is made up of automated, communication-capable devices?
  • How great a role will energy storage and volt/VAR management play in the automation of feeder lines?
  • Which monitoring and control electronics will experience the greatest growth in the emerging smart grid?
  • How do supplier’s revenues differ amongst monitoring and control, power quality and switching hardware? Regionally?

Date Publishing    May 31, 2012
Price for Single User License    $7,820
Price for Site License    $9,390
Price for Divisional License    $11,800

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