Energy Management & Tenant Sub-Billing Systems – World – 2011


The World Market for Energy Management Systems
As building owners and energy consumers continue to learn about the advantages of energy management (cost allocation, opportunity to reduce energy costs, and facility-wide electricity usage data), demand for energy management systems has gained traction across many industries and regions. This study outlines the global market for energy management systems, segmented by metering, networking hardware & topology, and software and service implementation, all forecast by region and industry. Unit shipments and revenues is presented for all hardware in the study along with revenues for complete energy management system implementations.

Highlights from the report:

  • Two base-year (2009 and 2010) revenue market shares for power metering, submetering, networking, and the total energy management hardware.
  • Estimates of software and service revenue by major region and eight industries based on supplier interviews and reported metering revenue and unit shipment data.
  • World, major region, and industry market forecasts for revenues, units, average selling prices, for power meters and submeters by five meter form factors and for networking by four form factors.
  • Analysis of the global competitive environment for power metering, submetering and the associated networking, software, and services.
  • Unique and in-depth analysis of energy management systems, which looks into the networking of submeters and power meters throughout different industries and regions.
  • History of energy management systems, analysis and summary of government mandates and regulations, third-party energy efficiency benchmarking and verification systems.

Date Published    December 2011
Price for Single User License    $7,570
Price for Site License    $9,080
Price for Divisional License    $11,400

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