Exploiting digital twin technology to meet sustainability goals


Navigant Research has released a new whitepaper which explains how digital twins technologies can be leveraged by manufacturers to meet sustainability and efficiency goals.

According to the report Leveraging Digital Twin Approach for Sustainable Manufacturing, if effectively implemented, digital twins can also aid in companies’ sustainability efforts through better monitoring of energy, water consumption and waste production in their manufacturing processes.

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In addition, digital twin technology facilitates innovative product design.

Rafael Go, a senior research analyst with Navigant Research, said:  “The digital twin approach presents a multitude of advantages for manufacturing companies.

“Implementing digital twins does not necessarily require new tools but rather a new approach for managing and using data.”

Companies are finding it hard to achieve sustainability goals as pressure from consumers, investors, the nongovernmental organization community, downstream clients, and regulators to adopt sustainable business practices amounts.

To take advantage of digital twin technology, Navigant Research recommends companies to:

  • Standardise data management processes as a foundation for a more straightforward interpretation.
  • Set priorities and parameters to ensure manageable, focused pilot projects.
  • Align their approach with their sustainability goals, accounting for targets, risk management factors, and potential obstacles.

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