The Missing Link to Satisfying Customers, Enhancing Operations, and Running a Better Utility Business

By Larsh Johnson, CTO, Siemens Smart Grid Software Solutions

New market forces, including environmental concerns and government regulations, combined with outdated and proprietary infrastructure, have propelled the utility industry to a tipping point which is driving a monumental change across the U.S. and around the world. Utilities are now deploying vast networks of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), commonly called smart meters.

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  1. Yes, the implemntation of advanced metering technology will enable all the electricity utilities as well as its customers to enjoy lot of advantages such as monitoring the inter grids, its up date status, billing & esy collection of payments from the customers,saving of administrtive expenses etc, keeping the customers informed of the latest situation on the powerfront , augmentation of power through alternative energy sources such as solar power, wind energy etc by involving the customers etc.. innumerable advantages can be obtained using the AMI/AMR/ technologies .