Heat Meters – 2012


The World Market Heat Meters
This is a new dedicated market study from IMS Research on the global heat meter market. Increased product coverage and market segmentations are included by hardware type, region, and for supplier shares. The traditional markets in Europe and Asia will be examined in detail, with country-level modeling presenting the market for heat meters and HCAs. Additionally, more emphasis will be put on understanding the installed base of heat measurement technologies per country, allowing for proper modeling of market demand and a better understanding of meter refurbishment. Additional research will be done to understand possible new applications for heat meters, as well as new emerging regions for heat meter adoption. Highlights from the report:

  • What is the market size and revenue opportunity for heat metering in EMEA and Asia? In sub-regions like China, Germany, Italy, and Turkey?
  • How much will the revenue opportunity for heat meters be worth in 2016? By region? By product type?
  • What new applications for heat metering have the most potential?
  • What is the trend of use between HCAs and heat meters? From mechanical to ultrasonic metering technology?
  • How are heat service endpoints monitored by sub-region? By HCA? By heat meter? How is the installed base of heat measurement devices going to change by 2016?
  • How has the penetration of communicating heat meters progressed in Germany? China?

Date Publishing    May 18, 2012
Price for Single User License    $6,630
Price for Site License    $7,960
Price for Divisional License    $9,950

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