How to minimise the threat of electric power-induced fires


A new whitepaper published by G&W Electric and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories provides strategies and technologies designed to minimise the threat of electric power-induced fires.

With fire season now approaching the US, experts are predicting another prolonged season, according to the two authours of the report.

The whitepaper is entitled Fire Mitigation for Distribution: Achieve Quick Progress with Advanced Technology Solutions and focuses on energy distribution protection equipment that can be quickly installed into high fire risk areas.

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The aim of the whitepaper is to provide ways to improve system protection against wildfires with strategies that take advantage of technological advancements, including downed conductor detection, adaptive reclosing and fast fault clearing.

Nick Nakamura, product manager, G&W Electric, said: “By installing new equipment and upgrading ageing infrastructure, we can help mitigate fire risk.”

 “We understand the importance of taking the necessary measures to reduce threats to public safety and infrastructure.

“This paper provides utilities a road map on how to navigate this ever-increasing public safety threat.”

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