The IMPROSUME project – ‘Impact of prosumers in a smart grid based energy market’ – was aimed to define and study the role of prosumers in the future power market.

In the context of IMPROSUME prosumers are not merely consumers that also produce energy, but active participants in the market. This also implies the capacity to sell their flexibility both as producers and consumers to different players in the energy market.

To determine the future impact of prosumers on the market a number of aspects need to be addressed. First of all it is important to determine the potential market contribution of the prosumer in the market. That hinges on the technical capacity that we foresee across a 10-20 year perspective. It depends on the willingness of regular people to take part in such a regime. It depends on viable business models that can leverage the contribution of prosumers in a smart grid oriented market. Consequently the project has been addressing what incentives and stimuli are likely to drive prosumers in the future. Also, what are the possible constraints? The project has been focusing on strategies for securing consumer acceptance and active participation in a smart grid oriented regime.

A prime objective has been to determine what business strategies are required to ensure participation and growth. The ultimate objective has been to define models that can be used to analyze technical and commercial impacts from prosumers. This model together with a better insight of the prosumer role should provide the basis for analyzing the effect of different trading strategies covering inter- as well as intra-trading, to analyze the relation between the prosumer and technical and commercial aggregators, to analyze the value chain encompassing the axis prosumer-VPP-market, and to extract constraints, rules and relationships that can help to design and optimize the smart grid of tomorrow.

A summary of the project results is available in the IMPROSUME final report HERE

A more detailed description of the project and its findings are available on the project site.