Enedis issues paper on status of AMI rollout project


Under the programme, Enedis is targeting to install some 35 million Linky smart meters and 700,000 data concentrators between 2015 and 2021.

According to the whitepaper, by equipping its customers with smart meters, Enedis will be able to optimise its operations through improved grid management, reduce non-technical energy losses and ensure remote operations and meter reading.

The project is expected to costs 5bn euros ($5.5 billion) in total and help the energy firm improve management of its 1,340,896km of high and low voltage power lines distributing a total of 410,5TWh of electricity to some 35 million customers. Of the 35 million customers of Enedis, 392,000 joined the utility’s network in 2017.

The energy distributor has managed to develop some 26,800 new distributed generation facility to improve its clean energy portfolio, demand-side management and reduce carbon emissions.

The Linky smart meter project in total is expected to, directly and indirectly, employ some 10,000 personnel and install up to 30,000 meters and 800 data concentrators per day.

Benefits of the Linky smart meter

Marc Delandre, director of the metering division at Enedis, said on a global scale, Linky smart meters would help utility firms:

  • Adopt smart grids
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Implement better customer care
  • Provide new rate offers
  • Secure financial asset management
  • Charge energy based on measurements rather than on estimates

The whitepaper also provides the technical requirements associated with the installation of Linky smart meters.

The French utility is partnering with Landis+Gyr, Itron, Maec, Elster, ZIV and Sagemcom in the deployment of the project.

To date, the energy distribution firm has installed 3 million Linky smart meters using G1 technology and 1 million units using G3 technology.

A total of 2,000 Linky smart meter installers are deployed into the field on daily basis with each tasked to install 8 units per day.

Customers of Enedis equipped with the Linky smart meter are today able to view their daily energy consumption, activate load curve recording and receive their actual bills once every month.

At the same time, Enedis is able to measure and monitor consumer energy efficiency achievements per city and eco-districts.


Image credit: 123rf.