Mastering the 6 levels if IoT success

How to use a purpose-built IoT platform to unlock the benefits of smart, connected products

What’s stopping your team from operationalizing Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to create new recurring revenue streams using smart, connected products? Often manufacturers understand the transformative business value but struggle to identify a clear path to connect people, networks, devices, things — and high-value data.

To help business and technology leaders implement the requirements of change as they add more connected products to their portfolios, we have developed a connected product maturity model based on best practices gleaned from hundreds of engagements over more than 10 years.

In the eBook “Mastering the 6 Levels of IoT Success,” PTC has elaborated on that model with:

  • Considerations and technical requirements for each stage
  • Real-life examples of companies that created new revenue streams and the benefits gained
  • Resources and use cases for further exploration

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