infrastructure digitisation
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Black & Veatch has issued a new electronic book to help industry stakeholders improve their operations through digitisation.

The book “Digitally Connected Communities” summarises how governments, universities, medical campuses, utilities and telcos can reinvent themselves and maximise revenue generation, operations and efficiency through digital technologies.

According to the 21-page electronic book:

  • Digitising infrastructure can lead to resilience, sustainability and better quality of life for residents
  • Two-thirds of US cities are investing in digital technologies
  • Eight of every ten US citizens live in cities, with the number set to increase to 9 out of 10 by mid-century
  • 70% of US jobs by 2014 required workers to have moderate to high digital skills
  • Costs to adopt digital technologies is hindering cities to adopting smart city solutions
  • Smart city initiatives increasingly are stemming from customizable public-private partnerships

To download the report, “Digitally Connected Communities click here.