cyber risks

How to protect your business against cyber risks

A new whitepaper released by technology company CGI highlights how companies can protect their businesses against cyber risks.

Blind spots expose grid assets to cyberattacks

OT networks across the power generation industry are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks due to blind spots, a new report has warned.

Three capabilities to navigate COVID-19 industry challenges

CGI has a whitepaper showing three organisational capabilities industry leaders will need to navigate business challenges caused by COVID-19.
climate goals

Scaling up digital grids to help meet climate goals

Despite renewables being the most resilient energy source during, urgent investment is needed to scale digital grids to meet climate goals.
electric vehicles

The shift to solid-state battery technology is next, reports IDTechEx

EVs are expected to include solid-state batteries as an innovative approach, according to IDTechEx.
World Energy Outlook

COVID-19 permanently alters global energy outlook

The behavioural and economic ramifications of COVID-19 will permanently reduce global energy demand, according to DNV GL.
Enel acquisitions and mergers

Acquisitions set to change non-domestic energy market landscape

A new research into the non-domestic energy supply market share highlights a changing market share landscape due to recent acquisitions.
renewable energy

US wind and solar expand by 16.4% compared to previous year

Renewable energy sources produced significantly more electricity than either coal or nuclear power during the first six months of 2020
Europe climate

Europe increases innovation performance by 8.9%

The Commission has released the European Innovation Scoreboard 2020, which shows that the bloc's innovation performance continues to improve.
onshore wind

Repowering onshore wind to help the UK achieve net-zero target

Repowering and extensions of existing onshore wind sites in GB have yet to receive the same attention from policymakers as new build.

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