social governance

Itron releases Environmental Social Governance Report

Itron has released its 2019 Environmental Social Governance Report, which highlights the company’s new framework for reporting on sustainability goals.
managed ev charging

US utilities turning to managed EV charging programmes

US utilities are increasingly viewing EVs as a critical building block of their DER plans, helping to smooth energy demand while lowering consumer costs.
smart electric meters

Shipments of smart electric meters in Europe to hit record level...

The annual shipments of smart electric meters in Europe will reach a record level in 2021, according to a new report issued by Berg Insight
DER management

DER investments to reach nearly $1 trillion by 2030

The global annual investments in distributed energy resources (DER) will increase by 75% by 2030.
Saudi smart meters

Smart meter market revenue shrinks by $3.3 billion

COVID-19 disruptions will reduce the annual smart meter shipments in 2020 by 25%, according to a new report issued by ABI Research.

Australia’s energy storage capacity to more than double in 2020

Australia is set to more than double its energy storage capacity installations in 2020 compared to 2019, says Wood Mackenzie.

Recommendations to Ofgem regarding regional flexibility and local price controls

Ofgem will need to decide the extent to which the regulatory framework facilitates or drives the transition to DSOs, says Cornwall Insights.
cybersecurity threats

Increasing investments in cybersecurity generate ROI of 179%

Increasing investments in cybersecurity can generate a significant return on investment (ROI) of 179%, according to a new study released by ESI Thoughtlab.
business models

Biggest threats to utility business models and how to overcome them

Guidehouse Insights and Public Utilities Fortnightly say utilities need to diversify their investments to thrive in changing energy business models.
US energy jobs

27,000 US energy jobs lost in May – report calls for...

US Congress is currently debating economic stimulus support for the energy industry, and a new analysis of unemployment data shows the biggest part of America’s energy economy – clean energy – lost another 27,000 jobs in May.

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