cybersecurity threats

Increasing investments in cybersecurity generate ROI of 179%

Increasing investments in cybersecurity can generate a significant return on investment (ROI) of 179%, according to a new study released by ESI Thoughtlab.
business models

Biggest threats to utility business models and how to overcome them

Guidehouse Insights and Public Utilities Fortnightly say utilities need to diversify their investments to thrive in changing energy business models.
US energy jobs

27,000 US energy jobs lost in May – report calls for...

US Congress is currently debating economic stimulus support for the energy industry, and a new analysis of unemployment data shows the biggest part of America’s energy economy – clean energy – lost another 27,000 jobs in May.
Texas Wind

Urgent policy change is needed to advance the impact of renewables

Growth in renewable power has been impressive over the past five years, however, too little is happening in the heating, cooling and transport sectors.
million electric vehicles

Over 10 million EV’s expected on global roads in 2020 despite...

The number of electric cars on the road is expected to reach almost 10 million this year, as sales are growing despite the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report by International Energy Agency (IEA).
world economic forum

Over $6 trillion is required per annum to address six global...

A new whitepaper released to help the global investment community to address six risks identified to be posing a threat towards sustainability.

Study reveals key factors driving AI adoption

The adoption of AI is growing worldwide, according to a new study released by the IDC which reveals the key factors driving the AI market.
Energy savings performance contract

Policies unveiled for post-COVID revival of power value chain

European electricity trade body Eurelectric has released a set of policy recommendations for a smooth and efficient recovery of the power sector from the COVID-19 pandemic.
utility digital twins

Global digital twins market expected to grow six-fold by 2026 says...

The global digital twin market in the utility industry is forecast to grow more than six-fold between now and 2026.
Canada DX

Canada: Utilities amongst top spenders on digital transformation

Canada is expected to spend up to C$28 billion on digital transformation in 2020 despite the challenges presented by Coronavirus, according to IDC.

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