Smart Electricity Meters – World – 2011


The World Market for Smart Electricity Meters
This report has a detailed analysis for six different meter types used, analysis of advanced meter network types, as well as added analysis of the sale of communication modules to enable advanced metering. All country-level information, including demographics and market data, will be updated with added emphasis on advanced meter deployments. Market shares will be presented on a major region level for total sales of electricity meters, communication modules, for various product groupings and for advanced metering.

Highlights from the report:

  • What is the market size and revenue opportunity for advanced electricity metering globally and by region?
  • How will the market be split by one-way, two-way, and smart meter types?
  • What percentage of smart meter shipments in 2010 were for fixed networks? Mesh networks? PLC (FSK), PLC (OFDM), BPL, Fiber? How is this expected to change in the next five years?
  • What countries are poised to be the major smart electricity meter markets over the next five years? What communication type is expected to be used in these markets?
  • What is the supplier landscape for advanced metering? How does this vary for fully integrated advanced meters, meters with integrated third party communications, and by communication module type?
  • What is the installed base of electricity meters, advanced electricity meters, by country, major region and globally?

Date Publishing    09/30/2011
Price for Single User License    $8,250
Price for Site License    $9,900
Price for Divisional License    $12,400

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