Gas distribution system operators (DSOs) are getting ready for the future and GEODE, an association for European gas and electricity distributors, believes that local and regional gas networks have the potential through their infrastructure to deliver the benefits of smart energy markets and new technologies such as power to gas, injection of biomethane into the grid and gas vehicles.

As smart gas grids develop, DSOs are responsible for the operation of the grids, ensuring gas quality and making sure the grid runs safely. The DSO has a key role to play through its operational activities to ensure it meets the needs of gas suppliers and their customers.

It is essential that national regulators provide DSOs with fair and adequate tariff structures which allow DSOs to make the investment in the grid that is needed.

Through this report “Gas Works”, GEODE will demonstrate the significant role the DSOs have to play in the design of the energy market of the future.

A final point to note is that this report uses the term “gas” to refer to gas in all its forms – natural, green synthetic etc.

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