UK Poll shows public has little confidence in smart meters

751’s most recent poll reveals, of the 1552 voters, 47% of households do not want smart meters.

The poll further discovers that 22% do not own a smart meter and are not sure if they want one, while 7% are dissatisfied with their current smart meter.

The industry is not surprised by the public opinion, as many smart meter roll outs have experienced challenges directly impacting the consumer.

The feedback is not all negative, 13% of voters are satisfied with their smart meters. A further 10% who do not own a meter are planning to install one.

England, Scotland and Wales are currently rolling out smart meters, a government programme that started in 2016. The UK aims to complete the installation by 2020 with 53 million smart meters fitted on over 30 million premises.

The plan is to use the smart meters to make energy data more accurate and more accessible to consumers and utilities alike. Real time data will also generate awareness of electricity usage, encouraging customers to decrease use during peak times.

According to Moneywise however, many households are feeling pressured into getting a smart meter installed and many who wish to have a meter might experience delays.

These delays, together with the many people skeptical of the solution will put pressure on government to reach the 2020 installation deadline.

Many consumers have also been put off the smart meter due to negative experiences with SMETS1, which temporarily loses functionality when switching between providers.

SMETS2 meters are currently being rolled out. This meter provides more stable service and is more user-friendly however, as of 1 February 2018, only have 80 have been installed.

Visit the UK.Gov website for more information about SMETS2; regulatory frameworks, operational transition, policy proposals and roll out obligations.