10 April

13h00 GMT | 15h00 Johannesburg | 14h00 London | 15h00 Paris | 22h00 Tokyo | 18h30 New Dehli | 09h00 New York

The smart energy ecosystem goes digital and rapidly transforms into a massive and complex IoT network. This creates an increased volume of real-time digital data exchanged through a variety of connected assets - representing a critically growing cyber attack surface.

To ensure accurate grid management and billing, as well as privacy protection, the integrity and confidentiality of smart energy data is crucial. For this reason, connected meters, assets, back-ends and the data they exchange must be secured, together with system layers which were not previously considered.

Join Gemalto in this live webinar for an overview of existing smart grid vulnerabilities and what is at stake when an infrastructure is poorly secured. 

Key discussion topics:

  • Understanding evolving vulnerabilities
  • The regulatory landscape
  • Main security principles (edge devices protection, key security pillars)
  • Recommendations for smart meter vendors and DSOs when deploying an AMI


Fabien Séheux, IoT Security Marketing Manager, Gemalto

Fabien Séheux is Marketing Manager for IoT Security within Gemalto, the worldwide leader in digital security. With nearly twenty years working with Gemalto, he has worked in different positions and combines strong knowledge in the fields of enterprise and IoT security. From an engineering background (MSc), Fabien has moved toward marketing and business development roles after holding an MBA in Change Management. Before joining Gemalto, Fabien was working as a senior consultant for RSA Security (now part of DELL).