This webinar is dedicated to all industrial actors in Southern Africa concerned by Digital Transformation. No matter which industry sector you belong to, our Panorama Suite is a multi-service platform to collect, monitor and analyse your data to improve your operational performance in all areas: Industry, BMS/FM, Water management, Energy, Nuclear.

Discover why Glencore, NTP, Cape Town Water & Sanitation and many more choose Panorama Suite – a reliable, agnostic, and independent Digital Platform – to accelerate in their operational excellence and secure their critical infrastructure & assets.

Because cybersecurity is not an option anymore it became Panorama’s cornerstone; therefore, Codra has been awarded a certification by the French government’s cybersecurity agency for the robustness of its product and its commitment. 

This webinar is dedicated to all industrial actors in southern-Africa concerned by Digital Transformation. Live feedback from Nicolas Hamel from Codra, Quentin Slabbert from Reset Technologies and Abraham Vorster from BCX Industrial Solutions.


  • Why the Panorama Suite platform is dedicated to industry 4.0 & Smart City?
  • How French Tech sustains South Africa’s Digital Transformation?
  • Live feedback from South African system integrators on various applications cases.


Nicolas Hamel, Panorama Expert | Codra

Quentin Slabbert | Reset Technology

Abraham Vorster | BCX – Industrial Solutions