Webinar broadcast date: Thursday, 31 October 2019

08h30 New York | 12h30 GMT | 12h30 London | 13h30 Paris | 14h30 Johannesburg | 18h00 New Delhi | 20h30 Singapore

Demand for a global energy system that is sustainable, affordable and reliable is rising. To meet this demand there is an increasing need for a new kind of energy professional: the next generation of transdisciplinary thinkers with the integrated mindset to join the dots, spot the opportunities and see the bigger picture in global energy.

Join InnoEnergy and ESIG for an engaging discussion on how you can adopt the right mindset to leverage your business in the energy market.

Confirmed speaker:

Lien Van Schepdael | Energy systems research engineer | KU Leuven

Come and meet InnoEnergy and ESIG at the European Utility Week on 13th November in Paris for an in-depth training session around the Energy Systems Integration framework and its applications for businesses in energy.