Webinar: European energy prices in times of COVID-19

This session took place on Tuesday 9 June. It was not a recorded discussion. The COVID-19 crisis has...

Webinar recording: RE Grid Integration: Embrace and Accelerate – ‘The way...

Access the recorded discussion where experts wdeliberate discussions on the present state of the sector, concerns of wind/solar power generators under the impact of COVID 2019, concerns of grid operators when it comes to integrating high levels of variable renewables and ways to mitigate such challenges through effective grid integration of renewables.

Virtual AUW highlights: Smart metering communication system best for your situation

The African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa session on key considerations in smart grid and metering communication took place on Friday 15 May.
Africa emissions

Virtual AUW highlights: Adopting new behaviours to influence emissions

Africa's first focus should be electrification and the continent's economic growth, not to undermine the urgent efforts undertaken globally, but because the continent isn't the cause of the climate emergency. However, the lowest contributor to harmful emissions is also the most threatened if climate change goals aren't met.

Webinar recording: Asset Investment Planning; Management – Future proofing for Middle...

Access this recorded discussion where our speakers explore regional trends challenging asset-intensive organisations in the Middle East today; The approach taken by National Grid Electricity Transmission business to meet these challenges; Why a growing number of companies are turning to Copperleaf’s decision analytics software to help them decide where and when to invest in their businesses to improve capital efficiency, manage risk, and improve shareholder value.

How to Create Digital As-Builts and Capture High-Accuracy GPS Data Using...

This webcast will present how VPI Charge quickly configured and deployed LocusView’s digital as-builting solution to its construction crews who were collecting data within 4 hours of in-field training.

Webinar recording: Explore the burgeoning potential of hydrogen throughout the Asia...

Access the recorded session where world-class panellists discuss hydrogen’s impact on energy transition and it’s wider potential across APAC.

Webinar postponed: Communications for grid control and protection – now and next  

Access this recorded discussion where experts look at the challenges and risks power utilities face with control and protection systems due to the changing nature of generation at the transmission and distribution levels.

Webinar recording: Rapid Scenarios: How leading Utilities are Planning for a...

In this webinar, we explore how leading utilities are using best practices in value-based decision making and Asset Investment Planning and Management to chart a course through these difficult waters. In addition, this session will unpack how rapid scenario planning can help your organisation build resiliency and agility to meet the challenges ahead.

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