financial health

Webinar recording: Financial health for East African utilities

This webinar discusses managed services and metering insights to ensure maximum financial health for utilities in East Africa.
product launch conlog

Conlog: Special product launch

Join ESI Africa and Conlog for this special Product Launch, as we pull off the covers on our latest product offering and innovative solutions.

Webinar recording: Market Meter Data – Scaling towards a new future

In this online discussion, you will learn how Central Market Solutions combines a high volume of (near) real-time smart meter and sensor data, which needs to be processed and analysed for decision-making processes to support the E-market, whilst ensuring the highest level of security, EU regulatory compliance and access for the consumer.

Webinar recording: Piecing together the enterprise architecture puzzle

Listen to this session where Smart Energy International and Greenbird share actionable best practices from transformative industry-leaders and innovation frontrunners.

Webinar recording: Digital Transformation – Utility of Future

A “Utility of the Future” in pursuit of this journey shall adopt a series of digital initiatives that will transform the way energy is produced, delivered, and consumed across the value chain.

Webinar recording: Protect, Detect and Respond: securing the smart grid

Watch this recorded session if you want to hear from industry and standards bodies experts about practical and implemented solutions to protect the smart grid.

Webinar recording: The cellular (r)evolution accelerating smart metering: LPWAN, 5G and...

The demand for smart meters is expected to grow by more than $8.5 billion in five years. To reach this potential, smart meter vendors must benefit from the latest industry breakthroughs to ensure 24/7 reliable connectivity, future-proof solutions, seamless lifecycle management — all this at contained operational costs.

Webinar recording: Creating Economic Efficiencies for Bridging the Digital Divide

Join Smart Energy International and Nokia, where experts will discuss 5 critical areas of how building broadband networks create economic efficiencies for bridging the digital divide.

Webinar recording: Emission Control Compliance – Facilitate, Collaborate, Implement

This webinar will facilitate deliberations between relevant industry stakeholders on the way forward for the timely implementation & compliance of the emission norms.
economic efficiencies

Webinar: Creating economic efficiencies for bridging the digital divide

Participants in this webinar will discuss 5 critical areas of how building broadband networks create economic efficiencies for bridging the digital divide

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