Over the last decade, while the entire metering fraternity was focusing on smart meters, pre-payment meters had lost their shine. The industry, with its millions of house-holds and businesses, has witnessed an unprecedented rollout of smart meters, both in terms of investment and meter numbers. The smart metering system has now been running for several years and has matured. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to appraise the value which could have been delivered by pre-payment vis-à-vis the benefits we are experiencing through the deployment of smart metering?

A webinar to discuss the value delivery preposition of pre-payment and smart meters shall be hosted by Secure Meters, one of the pioneers of key-pad based pre-payment metering.

Rajesh Nimare, GM New Product Development, Secure Meters Ltd
Phill Ketless, Smart Metering Senior Requirements Analyst, Secure Meters (UK) Ltd

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