Smart meters: Installation and best practice for consumer and environmental benefit


The business of supply of electricity as a commodity to different establishments, whether they be residential, commercial or industrial, was first started by Edison in 1880. The distribution business, which is customer facing and labour intensive, has undergone many changes following the recent unbundling of generation, transmission and distribution. The meter which interfaces between utility and customer is given high importance and it is the real hero as a game changer in the distribution business. To meet the need of each utility, keeping in mind the regulatory framework they operate under, different types of smart meters are developed and installed in different countries.

Key topics covered:

  • How should such smart meters be installed?
  • What are the parameters installers need to keep in mind to satisfy utilities?
  • How can a utility use the data generated by a meter to purchase electricity?
  • How can a utility satisfy customer needs in a cost effective way?
  • Moreover, how does a supplier do all of this while maintaining a low cost to serve? It is expected that smart meters will overcome all such challenges.


This webinar will discuss the various practices followed by different utilities for smart metering installation across many countries. It will also discuss the “how” and “why” of different smart meter installation methods and best practice.

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