How to Create Digital As-Builts and Capture High-Accuracy GPS Data Using Electric Utility Construction Crews

Webinar broadcast: Tuesday 2 June 2020

1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM GMT

Veteran Power Infrastructure (VPI), an electric utility contractor operating in California, was faced with new digital as-built requirements and asked: can electric utilities use construction crews to create digital as-builts and capture high-accuracy GPS data? 

While utility digital transformation continues to expand, a gap in the Design>As-Built>GIS workflow remains filled with paper.  Construction as-builts are still recorded on paper introducing error and inefficiency to a critical workflow.  However, some electric utilities are starting to require digital as-builts and high-accuracy GPS. 

In order to comply with a large utility’s digital as-built requirements of high-accuracy GPS and +/-0.2’ accuracy, VPI deployed LocusView’s digital as-builting technology to capture records during construction.  This webinar will present how VPI quickly configured and deployed LocusView’s digital as-builting solution to its construction crews who were collecting data within 4 hours of in-field training. VPI now regularly collects digital as-built data with a mobile application and high-accuracy GPS providing improved construction efficiency, real-time construction oversight and optimized project costs


Danny Petrecca
Vice President Business Development, LocusView
Zack Chancellor
Project Manager, Charge EPC

About LocusView

LocusView is a technology company whose solutions help electric & gas utilities digitize the collection and validation of as-built and inspection data during construction.  Our paperless digital as-builting solution with high accuracy GPS fills the gap between design and GIS, guided by a mobile-first philosophy focused on the construction crew end-user.

Since we started, we have partnered with the industry and utilities to build solutions that closely match their construction workflows – not vice versa. Our heritage of partnering with utilities has allowed us to establish and productize best practices becoming thought leaders in innovation and pioneers in the digital construction market.  We strive to solve the hardest problems that create significant value. We focus on things that matter.

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