Webinar recording: Financial health for East African utilities


Broadcast date: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

14h00 EAT | 13h00 CAT | 11h00 GMT | 12h00 WAT 

“Managed services and metering insights to ensure maximum financial health for utilities in East Africa”

Join us for this live webinar discussion on managed services and metering insights to ensure maximum financial health for utilities in East Africa on 30 September 2020. 

Revenue collection in utilities and municipalities has never been at as much risk as it currently is. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, revenue collection across sub-Saharan Africa was dismally low. In parts of Africa, for instance, it was suggested that 60% of revenue reflected on the books of municipalities would never be paid. 

If revenue collection from electricity sales fall in light of the ongoing pandemic, the impact could be devastating. Yet, as the financial realities of life in a post-pandemic world start making themselves felt, power theft and payment delinquency are on the increase.

Meters have long been a gateway to revenue collection and management for utilities. However, anything that can potentially impact the accuracy of a meter or a subsequent bill will compromise revenue in one way or another.

One of the key management responsibilities, therefore, is to ensure that the meter is as accurate, robust and reliable as possible; i.e. remains 100% functional, that vending is facilitated seamlessly, and that revenue management and revenue protection operate in tandem.

During this live session, we will showcase Conlog’s ability to assist utilities in their pivot to digital in a time of huge uncertainty and financial pressure. 

Specifically, the sessions will highlight the importance of remote insight into power usage, customer purchase patterns and detecting potential fraud. In addition, we will examine how easily, seamlessly and cost-effectively utilities can deliver superior customer service through remote vending, managed metering services and Conlog’s cloud platform – saving the utility money and improving on customer engagement.


Viven Perumel, Marketing Executive | Conlog
Desigan Govender Product Manager | Conlog
Lance Hawkins-Dady, R&D and Services Manager | Conlog
Sibusiso Skosana, Commercial Director | Conlog