Webinar recording: 2019/2020 – review and forecast


2019 has been a year of significant change and upheaval. The climate change movement has gained momentum, further galvanising changes to policy around the world and prompting cities all over the globe to commit to Net Zero goals by 2050 latest.

At the same time, the United States has made its intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement known yet that country has also seen a significant commitment from leaders, cities and organisations to better, more efficient and climate-friendly energy usage and generation.

Increasing focus has been placed on the electrification of transport and heating; while digitalisation projects have been started by utilities in just about every country in the world. At the same time, cybersecurity has become both a focus and a concern. The European Union’s new energy package has come into effect and the full implications of Brexit as still be understood.

Join us as we discuss 2019 – a year in review and 2020 – predictions and trends.

Our panel of expert shared their keen insights into:

  • The most significant happenings of the year
  • Unexpected trends and 2019 predictions that never came true
  • 2020 predictions – the frontrunners and the outliers

We cast an eye over the year that was, and consider the possibilities for the year ahead.


  • Thorsten Heller, CEO, Greenbird
  • Kevin O’Donovan, Technology evangelist
  • Jennifer Runyon, Content Director for DISTRIBUTECH
  • Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director for Enlit Europe.