POSTPONED: Webinar – Brexit and the European energy sector

Webinar broadcast  Postponed

Due to recent and emerging events, Smart Energy International will be postponing this webinar pending the outcome of current Brexit negotiations.

Pending the outcome, Smart Energy International and leading EU market and energy experts will be taking a hard look at the effect Brexit will have on the European and UK energy markets, and the consumers they serve.

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Researchers at University College London reported an 18% increase in the wholesale cost of electricity in the year following the referendum, and are predicting an up to £61 average increase per year, should Sterling weaken against the Euro. We’ll explore these, and other eventualities that may arise.

  • How have utilities prepared for a no-deal Brexit?
  • Cross border trade and implications of a hard Brexit
  • Impact on Northern Ireland
  • Likely negative impacts on service delivery
  • Implications for cost of wholesale electricity and gas and therefore final costs to customers.

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If you can’t wait until then, watch our Insights series on Brexit. It’s packed with insights that will help prepare for what is likely the biggest event in the European market. Also, check out this story on the rising costs of Brexit and vote in our poll: Do you think the UK will hit their 2020 smart metering targets?

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