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The Protected Plant: Assessing cybersecurity risk and building your roadmap
Wed, 5 August 2020 from 09h00 GMT

Episode 3: Creating PLN’s Digital Future
Wed, 12 August 2020 | 14h00 WIB

The corporate sector is the most important actor in advancing energy efficiency, decarbonisation, clean electricity, heat and mobility
Thur, 13 July 2020 from 10h00 GMT

Episode 4: How does PLN Successfully Transition to Smart Grid & 4.0 Technologies?
Wed, 26 August 2020 | 14h00 WIB

The absence of a clear benchmark for measuring ESG is the main barrier to investment into low-carbon infrastructure
Thurs, 27 August 2020 | 14h00 GMT

Episode 5: Creating a Roadmap to RE Implementation in Indonesia: Achieving 23% by 2025
Wed, 9 September 2020 | 14h00 WIB

Smart Energy International: Enlit Europe: Clean Energy package update
Wed, 9 September 2020

Without a hydrogen economy, it will be impossible to achieve the Paris Agreement targets
Thurs, 17 September 2020 | 14h00 GMT

Episode 6: Technologies Supporting the Full Electrification of Indonesia
Wed, 23 September 2020 | 14h00 WIB

Episode 7: Supporting Indonesia’s Energy Sector Growth Through Domestic & International Investment
Wed, 7 October 2020 | 14h00 WIB

Market Meter Data: Scaling towards a new future
Thur, 8 October 2020

Smart Energy International: Finance, investment and the new energy paradigm
Wed, 8 October 2020

Smart Energy International: 2021 Global Power Elites
Wed, 11 November 2020

Smart Energy International: 2021 trends and forecasts
Wed, 9 December 2020


Smart Energy International: India focus: grid reliability, resilience and security

Recent Webinars

Episode 2: How can Coal-Fired Generation Remain Relevant in a Changing Energy Landscape?

Trigeneration: Catalysing Decarbonisation & Energy Efficiency

Episode 1: Carbon Capture’s role in the energy transition

Investing in Early Stage Energy Startups

Hydrogen’s Role in the EU Climate-Neutral 2050 Goal

Leveraging Totex and Value in Asset Planning

Creating a digital ecosystem for the energy sector

Private LTE communications empowering North Sea wind farm

Smart Metering – Adopt, Accelerate & Transform

The rise of the C&I Buyer in Supporting ASEAN’s Energy Transition

Gas sector decarbonisation and sector coupling – Ensuring a market based approach

European energy prices in times of COVID-19

Copperleaf: Asset Investment Planning & Management – Future proofing for Middle East Utilities and Infrastructure

Copperleaf: Rapid Scenarios: How Leading Utilities are Planning for a Post-Pandemic World

Hydropower: Civil Infrastructure Repair & Renewal Strategies

Nokia: Communications for grid control and protection– now and next

Nokia: Communications for grid control and protection– now and next

Grid Modernization – Technology and Innovation

RE Grid Integration: Embrace and Accelerate ‘The way forward in the current crises’

Explore the burgeoning potential of hydrogen throughout the Asia Pacific region and Oceania

Enlit Asia Digital Series: The world’s fastest one million smart meter deployment

RTM – An introduction to real-time electricity markets

CGI: How analytics support Generg in ensuring wind turbines reach their full potential

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – AFRICA

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – USA

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – EUROPE

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – ASIA

Smart Energy International: Getting to grips with metering communications

Smart Energy International & ESI Africa: Cybersecurity for utilities 2020 and beyond

Innowatts: Managing volatility in decarbonising markets with AI

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Siemens: Your data in action – Shaping digitalisation together with the MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy

Smart Energy International: What to expect in 2020

Quectel: LPWA for Connected Smart Energy: Facts, Trends and Experiences

Siemens: The future of distribution grids

InnoEnergy: Energy Systems Thinking–A new way to look at your business potential!

Smart Energy International: Re-energising the utility talent pipeline

Omnetric: Accelerating value-driven transformation – Connecting the dots with 3 I‘s

Smart Energy International: EUW: The EU Energy Package and the Grid of the future

Networked Energy Services (NES): Gaining visibility of the Low Voltage Grid

CGI: Strategise your next move to become a Utilities digital leader

Greenbird: The Agile Utility driving the Energy Cloud

Smart Energy International: EUW: Horizon 2020 projects

Sierra Wireless: LPWA and 5G for the Energy Sector: Facts, Experiences and the Future

Nokia: AI and machine learning to advance your grid’s security

Smart Energy International: This is not a drill! The weather-resilient grid

Omnetric: How can IoT deliver real business impact?

Smart Energy International: Future perfect – the utility business model of the next decade

Gemalto: Cybersecurity: power up trust in the grid

Smart Energy International: Live Q&A: Smart Cities and the utilities that enable them

Smart Energy International: Smart utilities enable smart cities


Sierra Wireless: Demystifying LTE and Cellular IoT Technology for Utility Companies

Telit: From 2G to 5G: 5 things you need to know for smarter utilities

OSISoft: Moving Maintenance from prevention to predictability

Sierra Wireless: Designing low-power energy applications for LTE-M and NB-IoT LPWA networks

Smart Energy International & European Utility Week: Initiate!

Smart Meters Power Quality

Smart Energy International: V2G The Road to Resilience

Renewable Energy World and Mining Review Africa : Unpacking the energy storage value chain

Smart Energy International: The changing M2M landscape

Smart Energy International: Is your business GDPR compliant?

Smart Energy International: General Data Protection Regulation and utilities