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Recharge Your Distribution Grid with Digital Capabilities
23 February 2021 | 10h00 GMT

Asset Management for System Operators: The growing challenges and the rise of the AI opportunities
23 February 2021 | 10h00 GMT

Energy storage applications
25 February 2021 | 11h00 GMT

Recent Webinars

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Essential Tools for Essential Services: Asset Management and Decision Making in Uncertain Times

Selecting a replacement for SDH grid communications with a powerful future

Microgrids: The Future of Energy in Healthcare

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TransformationEnlit Europe Hub Series: Initiate
Dutch Innovation: Flattening the Climate Curve, Accelerating the Energy Transition

Discover how the Panorama Suite platform supports Southern-Africa Digital Transformation

Enlit Europe Hub Series: Initiate Talks
Dutch Innovation & Climate Change

Enlit Europe Hub Series: New Energy Landscape
Season 2 | Episode 3: Driving the Grid Edge Revolution

Power response: Preventing incidents, restoring operations in unprecedented times

When Utility Meter Data Meets Machine Learning: Meter Data Analytics

In pursuit of carbon neutrality

ESI Africa: Doing Business in Africa

Market Meter Data: Scaling towards a new future

Episode 7: Supporting Indonesia’s Energy Sector Growth Through Domestic & International Investment

The cellular (r)evolution accelerating smart metering: LPWAN, 5G and eSIM

Piecing together the enterprise architecture puzzle

Protect, Detect and Respond: securing the smart grid

Episode 6: Technologies Supporting the Full Electrification of Indonesia

Without a hydrogen economy, it will be impossible to achieve the Paris Agreement targets

Creating Economic Efficiencies for Bridging the Digital Divide

Managing Customer Engagement and the Network in the New Paradigm

Digital Transformation – Utility of Future

Episode 5: Creating a Roadmap to RE Implementation in Indonesia: Achieving 23% by 2025

The absence of a clear benchmark for measuring ESG is the main barrier to investment into low-carbon infrastructure

Episode 4: How does PLN Successfully Transition to Smart Grid & 4.0 Technologies?

Emission Control Compliance – Facilitate, Collaborate, Implement

The corporate sector is the most important actor in advancing energy efficiency, decarbonisation, clean electricity, heat and mobility

Episode 3: Creating PLN’s Digital Future

Indian Energy Transition 2.0 – The New Paradigm

The Protected Plant: Assessing cybersecurity risk and building your roadmap

Episode 2: How can Coal-Fired Generation Remain Relevant in a Changing Energy Landscape?

Trigeneration: Catalysing Decarbonisation & Energy Efficiency

Episode 1: Carbon Capture’s role in the energy transition

Investing in Early Stage Energy Startups

Hydrogen’s Role in the EU Climate-Neutral 2050 Goal

Leveraging Totex and Value in Asset Planning

Creating a digital ecosystem for the energy sector

Private LTE communications empowering North Sea wind farm

Smart Metering – Adopt, Accelerate & Transform

The rise of the C&I Buyer in Supporting ASEAN’s Energy Transition

Gas sector decarbonisation and sector coupling – Ensuring a market based approach

European energy prices in times of COVID-19

Copperleaf: Asset Investment Planning & Management – Future proofing for Middle East Utilities and Infrastructure

Copperleaf: Rapid Scenarios: How Leading Utilities are Planning for a Post-Pandemic World

Hydropower: Civil Infrastructure Repair & Renewal Strategies

Nokia: Communications for grid control and protection– now and next

Nokia: Communications for grid control and protection– now and next

Grid Modernization – Technology and Innovation

RE Grid Integration: Embrace and Accelerate ‘The way forward in the current crises’

Explore the burgeoning potential of hydrogen throughout the Asia Pacific region and Oceania

Enlit Asia Digital Series: The world’s fastest one million smart meter deployment

RTM – An introduction to real-time electricity markets

CGI: How analytics support Generg in ensuring wind turbines reach their full potential

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – AFRICA

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – USA

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – EUROPE

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – ASIA

Smart Energy International: Getting to grips with metering communications

Smart Energy International & ESI Africa: Cybersecurity for utilities 2020 and beyond

Innowatts: Managing volatility in decarbonising markets with AI

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Siemens: Your data in action – Shaping digitalisation together with the MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy

Smart Energy International: What to expect in 2020

Quectel: LPWA for Connected Smart Energy: Facts, Trends and Experiences

Siemens: The future of distribution grids

InnoEnergy: Energy Systems Thinking–A new way to look at your business potential!

Smart Energy International: Re-energising the utility talent pipeline

Omnetric: Accelerating value-driven transformation – Connecting the dots with 3 I‘s

Smart Energy International: EUW: The EU Energy Package and the Grid of the future

Networked Energy Services (NES): Gaining visibility of the Low Voltage Grid

CGI: Strategise your next move to become a Utilities digital leader

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Smart Energy International: EUW: Horizon 2020 projects

Sierra Wireless: LPWA and 5G for the Energy Sector: Facts, Experiences and the Future

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Gemalto: Cybersecurity: power up trust in the grid

Smart Energy International: Live Q&A: Smart Cities and the utilities that enable them

Smart Energy International: Smart utilities enable smart cities


Sierra Wireless: Demystifying LTE and Cellular IoT Technology for Utility Companies

Telit: From 2G to 5G: 5 things you need to know for smarter utilities

OSISoft: Moving Maintenance from prevention to predictability

Sierra Wireless: Designing low-power energy applications for LTE-M and NB-IoT LPWA networks

Smart Energy International & European Utility Week: Initiate!

Smart Meters Power Quality

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Smart Energy International: General Data Protection Regulation and utilities