WEBINAR recording: Future perfect – the utility business model of the next decade


The way utilities do business is changing, and these changes are unavoidable, but they hold the most promising opportunities of the decade, and will pave the way for the next century.

Will you be leading the way in terms of new services such as consumer energy monitoring, residential and commercial energy storage, smart street lighting, electric vehicle charging or telecoms?

These will all feature as prominently within the next decade. 

We explore how, when and why to implement these technologies in time and in-step with market demand. 


Dr. Michael Politt: Professor of Business Economics at the University of Cambridge, and assistant director of the university’s energy policy research group. Dr. Pollitt is widely published on the topic of changing utility business models globally, and has special interest in the areas of Efficiency Analysis of Energy companies and markets, Regulation of Network industries, the Economics of Energy Demand and Energy Policy.

Thorsten Heller: Thorsten is a global smart energy evangelist.
Thorsten has extensive experience strategizing and mapping integration solutions for new technologies into utility businesses in Asia, Europe and the US. His company, Greenbird Integration Technology has also liaised with new utility technology startups as part of the Free Electrons global innovation challenge.

Christine Stearn:Christine is a senior manager of the Smart Energy Power Alliance, and manages SEPA’s 51st State Initiative (http://sepa51.org), a collaborative platform that is an alternative to the contentious debates surrounding market and rate reform occurring in many jurisdictions. The initiative creates an ongoing, safe forum for experts and industry leaders to shape the evolution of the utility sector.

Christine has advised utilities on strategic and operational plans for programmes, products and services that will drive integration of clean energy resources into utility resource portfolios and business operations.

“Please get outta’ the new one if you can’t lend your hand/For the times they are a-changin'”
– Bob Dylan