Webinar: Revenue protection


Revenue protection is a key task to reduce revenue erosion through a set of initiatives that empower Utilities to be more efficient, improving their results and business processes.

The value of a Corporate Strategy to reduce Non-Technical Losses can be measured in two different perspectives:

  • From an external stand point, it helps reducing energy and water theft and meter tampering therefore increasing the revenue; and
  • Internally, it supports the identification of bottlenecks and loopholes in the business processes related to unbilled energy

The outputs of both perspectives contribute for a more effective and efficient company when managing their core products and services by helping gather more revenue for the energy that was produced and distributed.

Lastly, it’s important not to forget the impact that these activities have on the society, either from a safety (minimize issues that could potentially cause fires and explosions) or from a financial perspective (increased revenues will therefore decrease the tariffs of these commodities).

On this webinar, you will understand how Choice’s leading value proposition helps Utilities around the world cope with the challenges around Non-Technical Losses reduction by using a unique advanced analytics platform, that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with a very powerful user interface that will enhance the experience each Persona needs to have.

Capitalizing on this, we aim to be your advisor to establish or improve your business processes, sharing our singular industry expertise and our Knowledge Base in Non-Technical Losses and Data Science as a result of 15 years working in emerging markets.

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Key Topics covered:

  • Choice Introduction
  • Challenges on Non-Technical Losses
  • The Business Value of Non-Technical Losses Strategy
  • Choice Value Proposition


Name: Bruno Gapo
Role: Global Head of Industry Value Engineering
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Name: Rui Mano
Role: Global VP of Strategic Alliances and Co-Innovation
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