Webinar Recording: This is not a drill! The weather-resilient Grid


Worldwide, utilities are feeling the realities of climate change, and need to keep the lights, gas and water on in the face of increasingly extreme weather – wildfires, violent storms drought, polar vortices and floods are only set to worsen.

Join our webinar where we examined how utilities which regularly face different forms of extreme weather in different regions of the world have adapted their operations to prevent outtages, and minimise any damage or down-time – adaptations that could save your utility millions.


Frank Stern – Managing Director – Energy – Navigant Research:

Frank is Managing Director of North American Sustainability Solutions at Navigant, with more than 25 years of experience in assisting organizations with energy resources, in a variety of areas related to sustainability, including renewable energy, climate change policy analysis, energy efficiency and demand response program evaluation and planning, resource planning, and competitive bidding resource selection. He has published numerous papers on energy and testified as an expert witness before regulatory agencies. He is a registered professional engineer.

Matt Smith – Senior Director – Grid Management – ITRON:

Matt has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in the energy, home computer and consumer electronics industries. He currently serves as a senior director, grid management at Itron Inc. where he sets the global business and product strategy for the grid management line-of-business. This involves providing solutions to utilities that enable them to resiliently manage the electrical grid and enable deeper penetration of renewable energy resources.