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Spotlight: The energy sector response to COVID-19

How has the utility sector around the world been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? What have the implications been for it on...
Battery performance

New battery performance standard developed for Australia

A new battery performance standard for residential and small-scale commercial consumers has been proposed to Standard Australia.

What if more convergence could accelerate the energy transition?

Convergence of companies, policy, financing and sectors should breed collaboration and that in turn could create the business models needed for a 21st century energy sector.

The operational impacts of C-19

Philip Gordon examines the operational implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on utility operations. This article is largely derived from opinions expressed by...
grid resilience

Researching resilience: the data behind the modern grid

Grid and infrastructure resilience are increasingly important, while a relatively ‘new concept’ in terms of today’s modern grid, and its dynamic environment.
breakthrough technologies

3 technologies set to disrupt the “new normal” in a post-pandemic...

The world faces unprecedented challenges. Whilst we know this, if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that the best-laid strategies and well-laid plans can be turned from clear direction to an ineffective muddle-up if the principles on which they’re built are suddenly changed.
State of consumers

State of the consumer 2020

The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) recently announced the release of a new white paper, Identifying and Meeting Consumer Needs, that highlights successful programmes and services for residential customers from electricity providers across the United States.

Using abundance to overcome scarcity – Power and water meet to...

The UN’s World Water Day on 22 March focussed on the theme of “Water and climate change” to shed light on the primary way climate change is making its presence known: the availability of fresh water.
edf battery

Early thermal runaway indicator

Evaluating and testing technologies to increase the safety of battery energy storage systems.
PSEG storm

Microgrids are one tool in the energy toolbox to combat the...

Jared Leader, manager of Industry Strategy at the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), speaks about their latest research and the role of microgrids in increasing grid resilience.
IoT in energy

Role of the IoT and AI in the digital transformation of...

Water utilities that traditionally enjoyed a monopoly in many regions with a captive customer base are compelled to evolve due to several factors, including regulatory policy changes, impacts of climate change, and increasing consumer expectations.v
revenue protection

Revenue protection is a need, not a want for utilities

If increased energy efficiency is key in ensuring future energy demand won’t outstrip supply, then revenue protection is the only way utilities can survive the change.

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