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The US records price increases in all solar market segments – a first since 2014

The study has found an increase in prices across all solar energy market segments for the first time in seven years.

The US expands energy storage capacity deployment by 162%

The US market for energy storage has recorded a 162% increase during the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020

Freight transportation: On the cusp of a hydrogen-powered future

Russell Edson gives a status update about the hydrogen developments for freight transportation, from trucks and trains to ships and aircraft.

Arizona Public Service expands energy efficiency portfolio

More importantly, the approval includes the addition of five new programmes to help the utility’s customers to reduce power usage during peak periods. The approved...

APS Pledges assistance during government shutdown

Arizona's largest electricity utility says it has created a special fund of $500,000 to help customers struggling to pay their power bills

Arizona sets net metering rules

[img:gleason1_0.jpg|Mike Gleason,
Chairman, ACC
]Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- November 5, 2008 - Net metering rules that allow energy consumers to be compensated for generating their own energy through renewable resources have been approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

In terms of these rules, which are applicable to all Arizona electric utility companies, customers with renewable energy generation capabilities such as solar panels will have two-way meters installed that will measure both the electricity coming in to a property, and the energy going back to the grid. Once each calendar year, the customer’s utility company will issue a check or billing credit for the balance of any energy generated in excess of the customer’s usage.

Arizona Public Service secretly funded campaigns against solar

Facing what it saw as a threat to its monopoly from a surging rooftop solar industry, Arizona's largest utility secretly funneled millions of dollars to back favored candidates for the state commission regulating it.

Arizona utility names partner for RAIN initiative

Tucson Electric Power has partnered with Smarter Grid Solutions to improve services to consumers investing in DERs.

Arizona Public Service selects MDM solution

[img:APS.thumbnail.jpg| ]Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- October 1, 2008 - Arizona's largest and longest-serving electric utility, Arizona Public Service Co. (APS), has selected the Aclara Software™ meter data management (MDM) solution to manage its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) operation. The system will interface with Elster’s AMI data collection system currently being installed across APS’ service territory.

Arizona town seeks utility billing software system

Interested parties can contact Melissa Bauer via email and telephone. (e): (t): (480) 358 3182 As of July 2016, Queen Creek's population is estimated to be...

APS battery energy storage facility explosion injures four – investigation continues

A storage facility owned by Arizona Public Service (APS) in Surprise, Arizona, exploded on Friday night, injuring four firefighters. The explosion happened while four hazmat firefighters from Peoria were working to extinguish a battery fire at the facility.

Arizona utility launches $1m pilot to improve energy efficiency

Under the TEP Schools Energy Efficiency pilot programme, the utility will provide funding to help schools install energy efficiency equipment including LED lights. Energy efficiency...