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2017 – Issue 1

Everything old is new again – why regulatory and security concerns remain for IoT

We all know that IoT devices are being adopted on an impressive scale, with some estimates as high as 34 billion connected devices by 2020. These new devices will be utilised in our homes, at...

Utilities must proactively engage their customers-here’s how

Customers expect more from their utilities than just electricity service, and are more interested in understanding their energy consumption, reducing their use, and helping the environment. Meanwhile, utilities are interested in using energy efficiency...
smart cities

Nature and technology drive smart city development

This book is an expansion of the original title Integrated M/E Design: Building Systems Engineering. Why the expansion on the topic? The original book was about building technologies and sustainable system operations. Nowadays, we integrate...
energy mix

Smart grid development in South Africa – the real story

In South Africa, solar energy prices have almost reached grid parity and the tradition of large, centralised power stations is changing. As time passes and more alternative generation is embedded into the grid and...