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2017 – Issue 2


Unlocking the power of analytics with the right data in the right place

In fact, by 2020, the number of internet-connected things is estimated to reach 50 billion. All this data has a lot of potential for utilities. However, massive amounts of data are meaningless if utilities...

How IoT is ‘disrupting’ Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative’s business model

A quick Google search of the ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT, returns over 100 million hits. Not unlike the term ‘smart grid’, IoT means different things to different people. For Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative (MCEC),...
IoT communications technology

Philip Mezey: The desire to serve

The interviews will include leaders of some of the world’s biggest companies: examining their leadership style, and giving them a chance to share their specific thoughts on the development of the utility sector globally. What...
smart meter

Meters are still the cash register

Looking back Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) introduced the first electrical distribution systems for lighting using direct current. He believed that electricity should be sold just like gas. His ‘electric meter’, patented in 1881, used the...