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2018 – Issue 4

Smart Energy International Issue 4 2018

There is a ‘rumour’ going around that data is the new ‘oil’ – the one commodity the world is unable to operate without. “Not so!” says Doug Laney, the author of the book Infonomics. Laney...

Pricing ‘noise’ drowns out the Power of Choice model

In Australia, the Power of Choice regulation – a series of government-led industry-wide reforms to the way the National Electricity Market operates – set in motion opening the market to be more competitive. The...

Bringing safety to the edge

When it comes to the delivery of natural gas, safety is always top of mind. Technology advancements are making it possible to reduce safety incidents and the millions of dollars spent to cover damage....
public safety

Protecting your most valued assets

Protecting the health and safety of a company’s employees, their most valued asset, is by far one of the most important activities of any utility or company. Across the globe, agencies like the Occupational Safety...

#Madigrid 2019

DistribuTECH, one of the fastest growing smart energy events in the US, will visit New Orleans in February 2019.
utility demand response

The SmartNet project

In Europe, we are currently witnessing a sharp increase in reserve needs for coping with the variability introduced by a steadily increasing RES share in generation. The big challenge is to extend the possibility of...

Success of cooperative energy efficiency programmes

More than 900 electric cooperatives in 47 states provide services to almost three-quarters of the landmass of the United States. These are primarily private, independent, non-profit electric utility businesses, owned by the customers they...
smart cities

Smart cities need smart connectivity and security

Around the world, cities are getting connected: smart lighting and traffic systems; connected public transport; hyper-local air quality control; high-speed public Wi-Fi for citizens and businesses. Cities are collecting data from anywhere and everywhere...

Device management systems for the utility of the future

Smart Energy International spoke to Joe Peichel, an independent enterprise architect, to get his insights into how the latest developments in cybersecurity are affecting the way utilities operate and how to map risk management...
Louisiana storms

This is not a drill!

Smart Energy International spoke to David Herlong, senior director of distribution at Florida Power & Light (FPL), about the utility’s storm preparations and the lessons learned from extreme weather events. This article was originally published...
energy management

AI and IoT in building energy management

As carbon emission reduction targets drive utility adoption of clean and renewable energy resources, fluctuation in energy supply and demand present a huge challenge for utilities in ensuring reliability of grid networks. The variations in...